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Monday, March 07, 2005

Few Violent Updates

The GameSpeak series has Scott Ramsoomair's responses to the questions online. Scott is the author of the quite excellent VG Cats, but if you didn't know that - you should be acting like you did anyway.

CBS also has the web article version of the 60 minutes piece online, for those without magic boxes that record shows for you while you're busy having your brain re-wired by your PlayStation. You really should get one, though, because once Sony is done connecting your violent dendrite to your arm dendrite, you're going to be too busy killing puppies to remember to sit down for that episode of Lost.

I have, btw, e-mailed Best Buy for some clarifications on some of Jack Thompson's statements, but haven't heard back yet. I'm also trying to get some clarity on my own mistakes. For instance, it's unclear if Thompson is representing Moore or merely making a voodoo doll out of him.

And to get us out of the funk that mainstream media has put us into, I went off to ask Irrational a few questions about their upcoming title, SWAT 4. Remarkably they answered. I'll have the results tabulated in the morning.

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