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Monday, June 09, 2008

WWDC, Waiting In Line

8:38. It was "iPhone". Go figure.

8:34. Apparently wifi exists but requires some secret handshake. Could ask that guy with a goatee but have nothing better to do but guess SSIDs anyway.

8:21. The guy behind me has been here for "three, four hours". I've been here like an hour.


8:16. No wifi? Seriously?

8:11. Doors apparently not open yet. Bossman wanted me to save him a seat. Afraid that guy videoblogging will resort to cannabalism if I tried. Especially after seeing the buffet.

8:06. Finally found buffet.

8:02. If you thought it couldn't get dorkier ... that guy is videoblogging himself walking in line.

7:59. It almost looks like this massive line is a big U turn back outside. That would be hilarious.

7:58. If you thought being a Mac developer at WWDC could be pretentious ... realize there are French Mac developers at WWDC.

7:45. The faithful in full force. Buffet was a trick ... be lucky to even get a chair I think. Data network is totally choked.

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