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Monday, June 09, 2008

WWDC, Liveblogging Keynote Notes (refresh for latest)

11:47. Initial release: July 11th.

11:45. iPhone 3G 8GB will be $199. (16GB $299. In white too).

11:42. iPhone will now be available in 70 countries. Up from, um, 6.

11:39. GPS? Yup.

11:38. Increased battery life as well.

11:36. iPhone 3G "36% faster" than other 3G phones for download. Approaches WiFi.

11:34. Flush headphone jack. Wootness. Otherwise, the look is pretty much the same but slimmer.

11:33. "iPhone 3G" announced.

11:32. And more affordable... (?)

11:31. "Next mountain" for iPhone: 3G. Enterprise support. Third party apps. Global marketplace.

11:28. mobileme will be $99/year. Free trial. Mobileme will now be replacing .mac. Early July release. .Mac users will be allowed to port over.

11:25. Demonstrating moving back and forth between updates on and the iPhone. Data seems to be synched insanely fast, nearly immeadiate.

11:23 "" material apparently gets pushed (not fetched?) right away to the iPhone.

11:18 "" is Web 2.0 version of mail, photos, calendar, documents. I think Apple just shot something across Google's brow.

11:17 "" announced.

11:15. mobileme is "Exchange for the rest of us." ActiveStink joke inserted. Basically "Exchange as a service" if you will.

11:14. "mobileme" announced.

11:13. Also, "ad hoc" distribution.

11:12. Enterprise disto details. Enterprises can authorize specific phones and apps. Apps can be downloaded via Intranet. Synced via iTunes.

11:10. Talking about the AppStore setup. Same info as before. Also, if your app s 10MB or less, it can be downloaded by anything (cell, wifi, iTunes), otherwise WiFi or iTunes only.

11:09. iPhone 2.0 OS will be out "Early July". There you go. Now Jobness is talking about AppStore.

11:07. Parental controls will be included now.

11:05. iPhone features update. Better MS Office support, and iWorks as well.

11:04. "Push Notification Service". This is new to me. Allows for background messaging essentially.

11:02. Talking about background processes. Humorous parody of Task Manger followed.

11:00. Few more apps. There's a bit of a sleight of hand here, I think, with the constant repetition of developing "in a few weeks". You can prototype well in that time, but note that many of these apps won't be ready for relase by the end of even this month.

10:51. MLB app will offer on the fly video clips of games (while the game is ongoing).

10:49. "Band" (virtual instrument suite) got a big applause, but there was a slip: AppStore in a few weeks time.

10:46. Two games from Pangea, also $9.99.

10:42. Note that everyone is saying "when the AppStore launches".

10:40. Also free: Loopt (location based twittering essentially) and Typepad.

10:34. eBay app will be free.

10:31. OK, was wrong. Super Monkey Ball will be $9.99. That's significantly lowered than some expected the big guys would aim.

10:29. Super Monkey Ball from Sega. Nuff said.

10:28. iPhone is "third major platform" - David Pogue. Linux no longer counts?

10:26. IB seems more capable of dealing with landscape more now.

10:22. Interface Builder demo. I've been avoiding it, honestly, but this looks more mature than the last build in the beta.

10:20. Instruments. iPhone code optimization suite. This is new to me.

10:17. SDK Overview. For people who have been in the beta, this is nothing new. iPhone OS based on OS X, Location API, Graphics API, Cocoa Touch, etc.

10:16. Rah rah video about Exchange just closed up.

10:11. Details on Exchange hookup. Large beta, hugely based on enterprise feedback.

10:10. Next OS: "Snow Leopard".

10:07. His Jobness.

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