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Sunday, June 08, 2008

A Few WWDC Predictions

  • The big star will be worst kept secret, the 3G iPhone. Honestly I'm not exactly overwhelmed with joy over the product. My old phone had 3G and I still prefer my current iPhone. As I've said before, this in part due to my wifi enabled world, but it is what it is. It will probably be prettier and sleeker, but my current phone shouldn't feel jealous.

  • IF the App Store is available at the 3G launch - there will probably be only a handful of Apps pre-blessed by Apple. I probably can't get into too many details here, or shouldn't without double checking that whole NDA thing, but let's just say technically it's hard to see everyone having a fair shake to be ready for release by tomorrow.

    That said, I'm really jazzed about the App Store in general. Apple really seems to have the right angle on it. Their primary concern is to get a good library of apps for the users while being friendly to developers and business interests. That's harder than it sounds, but it really looks like they'll be pulling it off.

  • Software updates galore, but I can't imagine any huge surprises or new products. I think the big A has had their hands full lately.

  • WWDC is going to be packed, possibly standing room only kind of deal, as iPhone developers who aren't even the biggest Mac addicts line up with the faithful. Much of the iPhone track still deals with developing web apps and hence doesn't require a Mac to be hold an interest. Imagine the glances that old Thinkpad would have gotten me...

Anyway, I really, really should be getting ready now. I'll try to keep up with the keynote, etc. See you all next week.


Thomas said...

You know, people keep saying "app store," but what I hear is "walled garden." That's been a bad idea for years as Verizon and other carriers lock down their phones and restrict available services. I fail to understand why it's become a good idea just because the jailer is moving from the carrier to the hardware provider.

Josh said...

I'll agree that there are faults with some of the limitations that Apple is opposing and there's probably few people on this planet that wishes it wouldn't be a more open ground for web technology in general. Depending on how they're fought, browser wars can end up being beneficial to the end user, for instance.

That said I'm so far pretty optimistic with the kind of buzz I've heard from OS X developers. It's a pretty fair marketplace all in all with a relatively low barrier for entry. $99 for a developer license is a pittance in the wide world of software development. There's no discrimination to the little guy here - most of the projects I've heard or read about are just one guy. Usually they're old school Cocoa developers who have been finally given a massive audience to play towards.

I think the end result is that we're going to see some pretty interesting for reasonable prices around the end of June.