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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Days of WWDC 2008, End of Day Two

Damn does this hotel wifi suck. It's like they strain it through a special peer to peer downloading application before getting to every room. This place might be a front for some kind of underground dvd download and burn ring or something.

Now that everything is post keynote, I'm not supposed to divulge any gritty Apple details. Honestly if you aren't developing for the iPhone, I wouldn't have much to divulge and even then it's so freaking nuanced I wouldn't know where to begin. There's maybe a couple juicy rumors or the like, but really nothing to set the world on fire.

I'll say what I've been saying all along though - there are a lot of people heading towards the App Store and it isn't all big studios and companies. My optimism is holding out for the podcasting of app development here.

Also, I should say that WWDC is easily the best run conference I've ever attended. The wifi is strong and easily available (compared to Max where IP's ran out by noon) and even power outlets are easily available. Heck, I accidentally flipped a power switch that ran one of the massive routers on and off and by the time I was resettled and practiced my innocent face - they already had someone up to the floor to check on it.

Sorry, anonymous Apple employee. I was only trying to plug my power cord in.

The sessions have been pretty good as well. Even if it has seemed basic I've managed to glean a few nuggets of interesting information. UI review with an Apple interface guy went amazingly well. Bossman and I went to a brewpub (ever search for "brew" on the maps app of an iPhone in San Fran? It's awesome) and now I sit looking over these air conditioning units on the hotel balcony.

I really should work on my game, but it suddenly feels more like 11 than 9 to me and I might just not make it there.

Footnote: This blog is so freaking weird. I have WWDC to talk about and highest traffic page is some people looking up Superman: Doomsday? Shortcut: the movie sucked. Go google iPhone or something interesting.

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