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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Days Of WWDC 2008, End of Day Four

The conference has now officially dwindled down into the investigation and hoarding of various technical bits. There's also a surprising number of lines remaining. Lines seem to kind of draw the various boundaries of the conference, delineating the sessions deemed worthy of actually standing in one to attend.

Honestly quite exhausted at this point. There's thinking on your feet in that cliche dexterity sort of way and then there is walking and/or thinking for eight hours straight while trying to take and maintain notes on all this information and to figure out how best to actually continue investigating and hoarding said information.

As is usual for my behavior at these kinds of things, I've got a few new projects started. Hard to tell if I'll have the energy to finish them into anything anytime soon.

Did, however, stop by to see the sea lions on the way home tonight. So that's what woke me up this morning...

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