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Monday, June 09, 2008

WWDC Preflight Check

Speaking of flights, ours was on the ground for near an hour before takeoff. The flight itself was fine in that so turbulent trying to type makes you go blind kind of way. Free hooch was a nice touch though. Word of advice to the airlines - losing out on even decent whiskey is always better than armed rebellion. Have iPhone. Will revolt.

The Radisson here on the wharf hasn't improved the city much. My sleep number bed was set to fail. The free wifi is about half accurate (it is indeed free). refuses to get any mail before a timeout however. Will have to try to ask the screaming kid in the room behind me if he has a cat 5 cable. Or maybe the business guy in the other room who really didn't need that 5AM alarm since he snoozed until 6 anyway.

6 Pacific time, of course. That's 8 in the civilized world.

Considering taking Claritin to cure the redeye. If anyone has any medical advice on that one, please send along.

As soon as the caffeine hits I'm off to the keynote, or rather the free buffet before the keynote. iPhone, check. Macbook, check. The Futon shirt so that I can wear black but show that I'm completely different kind of sellout? Check.

Oh hey, my alarm just went off.


Josh said...

And the first person to point out their lack of sympathy because I'm in SF for WWDC on the company dime does not, in fact, get a cookie.

Perdita said...

Allerest Eye Drops (Naphazoline ophthalmic)
Tetrahydrozoline (Visine) works ok if there is nothing else