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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Days of WWDC 2008, End of Day Three

We're kinda waiting for the Apple Design Awards. I say kinda because we aren't in line and have no expectation of winning. And there's a huge line. My expectations are fettered because even though we have a productivity app which is a bit precocious for its age, we just got a consultation from Apple on the overall design yesterday ... and honestly there's little bits of information which should go into a decision like this that you need from the inside that other people got way before we did.

So instead I'm giving Bossman a quick tutorial on bit torrenting off this sweet ass wifi while we still have it. As I type this, the line is already snaking past us and back towards the escalator. Soon it will lead down the escalator. What's odd is that a majority of the awards will still be about OS X apps even though the vast majority of this WWDC has been iPhone focused. It's like a lens converging on itself.

We hit ThirstyBear before this, an extremely prudent conference survival decision I think, and maybe might end up hitting it during this as well.

Depending on how these movie downloads go, of course...

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