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Thursday, May 07, 2009

TV Watch: Lost, Follow The Leader

I didn't have a lot of high hopes for this episode since early previews made it appear to be a Jack heavy plot, and honestly Jack is just annoying the hell out of me right now.

So yeah, the bad - is it just me or does Jack get more idiotic as this season goes on? Any plan that includes detonating a hydrogen bomb probably needs to go through some more vetting than "that brainy guy said it was a good idea". Sayid's "this will either work or put us all out of our misery" wasn't exactly productive input either.

And was Sayid just waiting behind that tree for the last few episodes?

In general, I was kinda hoping the Smoke Monster would appear from the temple and devour that particular subplot whole. Maybe next episode.

The good - pretty much everything else. Hurley failing to answer Candle's questions was pure gold. Locke was brilliant, all the way up to that wonderful cliffhanger statement. I had a brief happy thought when it seemed like they might be setting up a Richard back story, but no such luck. Locke's whole angle seems like we'll finally get some juicy bits on Richard, Jacob and the island in general.

All in all a good episode.


Unknown said...

The only one that annoys me more than Jack is Kate. I wrote a recap of the episode also if you are interested at

Josh said...

Yeah, Kate was a bit odd this episode. Especially the "travel via plot hole into the sub" routine.

And when someone suggest blowing up an island, I generally would react with something more than a dirty look.

Although that exchange does, a bit at least, show why Jack is being so Jack. He's a broken personality who hates what the island has done to him (basically the opposite of Locke).

Unknown said...

Well we did see Richard working on the ship in a bottle which leads toward the Richard coming to the island on the Black Rock. (Although I do like theory that he's even older than that).

As for Jack....yeah I've pretty much hated his character this season while I've liked it the other seasons.

I've always locked Locke and Ben but hopefully Ben gets more to do....he seems kind of powerless right now but hopefully that's just how it's being pertrayed and he's still up to his sneaky ways.

I love how Locke told everyone about Jacob and is leading everyone there.....I'd like it even better if there is a very good reason for why Richard and Ben kept it a secret and if Locke revealing that secret is a bad idea.

sterno said...

Jack is annoying, but at the same time it makes a lot of sense. His trip to the island, initially, gave him a sense of purpose that his life had been lacking. He was the leader, saving them all.

After he returned to the regular world, he didn't have a purpose anymore. Turned to drinking, etc. Now he's back on the island and desperate to feel a hint of that purpose again. So now he's going to try to save everybody again. My impression though is that what they do with the bomb is ultimately what causes the problem in the first place. I'm pretty sure that they can't change what happens and that Faraday was delluding himself.