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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Movie Watch: Timecrimes

Timecrimes is a Spanish time-travelling thriller. It takes some interesting twists on the normal time jaunt concept, with doses of nudity and surrealism tossed into the mix. It never quite escapes the geek scrutiny of time related plot issues, but if you can push those into the back of your head the movie is really quite enjoyable. What feels predictable about half way through the plot gets regularly challenged during the last half of the movie.

As a side note, we watched this off the Roku and it was inflicted with the dread audio problems that occur with some of Netflix's material (The Girl has a working theory that they don't test their foriegn stuff nearly as much as the domestic). Thankfully the plot was quite easy to follow using the subtitles, so we managed to make it through the end even if we were hearing music and dialogue from ten minutes prior. We love the Roku so far, but this inability of Netflix to encode correctly or at least fix it promptly is certainly a bit of a hitch.

1 comment:

sterno said...

Saw this during the Chicago International Film Festival and it was by far my favorite of the fest. I really enjoy films that can do time travel and make it internally consistent.

Btw, if you've not seen it, I recommend picking up Primer. I've watched it multiple times and I still don't entirely follow it, but it's really an interesting take on time travel and it's consequences.