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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Rent A Monkey - Now Even Cheaper!

We reach adulthood the day that we realize we will never go to space or own a monkey. With today’s Groupon, you’ll wish you never stopped believing: Monkey For a Week gives you your very own monkey, to do with what you please, for a full week. And today, you can get any of their 40+ monkeys for only $49 - that’s a staggering 75% off the normal price of $199.

Since its founding, America has been engaged in a passionate, seemingly futile love affair with monkeys. While they are widely regarded to be superior pets to cats or dogs, innumerable practicalities stood in the way of the monkey’s journey to the American living room. What do you feed them? How often do they need to go outside? Can’t they get kind of messy? Star crossed lovers, Americans and monkeys solemnly accepted their fate to be forever apart.
-- Rent a Monkey For A Week - $49, Normally $199 (via Gapers Block)

Did someone call the monkey store?

1 comment:

Unknown said...

i rented one a month ago i love them