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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Movie Watch: Twilight

Vampires as a movie motif have always, to be quite honest, kind of bored me. The whole thing really crested around, um, Nosferatu for me and since then they've basically just been repositories for frilly outfits, leather and expressions that would look out of place pretty much anywhere but vampire flicks and porn since then.

Yeah, I'm a Buffy fan - but Buffy was only marginally a show about vampires. I only wish Twilight was the same.

It's not that Twilight is bad. It's actually good in a beach read kind of way - but only if you can slug your way through line after line of dialogue that would seem ridiculous if it wasn't being delivered by two seventeen year old characters. Again, it's not that the writing is bad - it's that you better be aware that you're in for more than a spoonful of teen angst romance before getting that bucket of popcorn.

If I have any problem with Twilight, its that it is so much about vampires, and the struggle of being a teen vampire in particular - but doesn't really dish out a lot of vampire goodness. There's the brief scene with the van (you've probably seen in the trailer) and lots of jumping-around-as-heavy-petting scenes, but the good stuff is withheld mostly until the end. The rest is "I love you", "I want to bite you" kind of stuff.

I get that the franchise has its fans, and I can see where the book is probably much better than the movie itself. For the fans, I am actually quite glad you'll get a second movie out of the deal.

I just doubt I'll be watching it.

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