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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

TV Watch: Lost, This Place Is Death

For me, this was quite possibly the best episode of the new bunch. The on/off island stories actually had something to do with each other and nearly everything about Jin and Locke was highly watchable. The scenes in the past with Danielle were pertinent and lacked that "clip show" feeling to them that some of the other time travel scenes have been burdened.

Faraday remains a person of interest, his mom apparently being some kind of keeper of the island and him trying to warn Charlotte not to die and all. Dollars to donuts he's the reason why she knew about the well, though I would put that under the "probably left unanswered" bucket of questions, in the grand scheme of things.

Was nice to see the smoke monster again, actually just the monsters in general on the island. Interesting to watch the "possessed" member of Crazy French Lady's crew talk about it as a security system, which Danielle would repeat years later. Odd, I thought, though, that the temple had Egyptian style glyphs on it.

Course, to bring it all together again - let us recall that one translation of the timer hieroglyphs was essentially "the underworld".

So maybe the place is death? Not that the Losties are necessarily dead, but maybe the island is a gate to something else.


Unknown said...

My first impression when they added the time travel angle was "that's brilliant". Then I worried that they wouldn't be able to fix an already tangled story with even more tangles. The more I watch, the more I feel they might actually know what they're doing.

Winkyboy said...

I really liked this episode but think they should just get back on the island already. The writers essentially told us that was their intention what, a year and a half ago (real time) ?

Also, why didn't Danielle recognize Jin when she saw him just after the plane crashed? I'm pretty sure she wouldn't forget someone who *disappears* in front of her eyes.

Josh said...

It's been brought to my attention that the glyphs might not be odd if they're Other-made, not ... um ... four toed native made?

CFL's story has gone a bit fuzzy now. One defense the writers can use is that she's crazy and years later, she doesn't recall the shipwrecked person who vanished. But clearly, that's a bit shady. I think its a sign that the writers had laid out several points well in advance, time travel being one of them, while glossing over others (like who would be time travelling).

The off island stuff is a bit of a bore, hopefully Mother Time can help galvanize it next episode.