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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Stealing From The Little Guy

I'm trying to think of just how cheap of a jackass you have to be to crack a 99 cent iPhone app from a husband and wife development team, but I'm pretty certain it isn't measurable by the scientific tools I have around the household.

Worse, to be such a jackass about the whole deal as to try and act like you have some kind of moral high ground on the matter. Hey, I think Apple should implement a more sensible demo setup as much as the next guy, but blackmailing developers into your beliefs isn't exactly civilized behavior. It's what my grandmother would call, um, being a damn jackass. If you think a developer should be offering a demo version and they don't - then don't buy the app. Stealing from them isn't any kind of solution, it's just stealing.

It's crackers like Most_uniQue that make companies abuse their users with DRM in the first place.

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