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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

PlayStation 3 Refurb Update

I got an email last night that the PS3 on the way home, or rather I should say a PS3 is on the way home. They got mine on Monday, so this is a pretty decent turnaround. I should note that had I not been in New York on business, I probably would have had it in my hands already.

The speedy turnaround makes me dubious that I'll be seeing my hard drive again. I'm not too broken up about it except for my Fallout 3 saves, since I had just gotten to point in the game which is a bit of a pain to crawl back through (the Museum). It will be interesting to see if the trophies for say, Dead Space, remember that I've finished the game without any save game (I'm guessing yes).

My real conundrum here is whether to buy a new HDD from NewEgg and get it shipped to here by Friday. If I'm starting from scratch, I might as well upgrade as well, right?


Unknown said...

1) Yay!

2) You probably had to sync your trophies for them to be permanent. I hope you did that. Not sure when, if ever, it's done automatically.

3) Yes, get a new hard drive.

Josh said...

Well #2 will be interesting, because I think they sync'd when I was trying to track your trophies online. I didn't do it intentionally, really, it was just from bouncing around the menus.

And #3 is probably a go. They're ridiculously cheap right now.