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Monday, September 22, 2008

TV Watch: House Premiere, Sarah Connor, Heroes Tonight

Quick make up post while I wait for servers to get done talking to each other.

The House premiere was kinda so-so, which is a bit disappointing after the unique and entertaining closer from last season. House needs to learn from shows before - the longer you go on ... the more you have to diverge from the formula.

I'd put the Sarah Connor opener in pretty average turf. The show feels like it has some legs but hasn't fully learned to run. Watching Glau as a killer robot is certainly a treat, but it only run on that juice for so long. Honestly it feels like the show is fighting against the budget more than anything else. In the end, though, it's a show I'm totally rooting for.

In what's been an uneven year for TV with some decent shows, the writer's strike, etc. - I somehow feel like we should be celebrating the return of new shows in full.

And yet kinda, sorta, not. Not sure if we'll hop on the Heroes opener tonight or just wait to download and watch later (in what has become a kind of post-Tivo time shifting tradition for us).

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