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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

TV Watch: Heroes, Season 3 Opener

While I'm not sure Heroes merited the SuperBowl style countdown we stumbled on right before the show, I will say it was a strong start to the season and worked to get us excited about this year. Granted, Heroes has always been pretty good at the beginning of the show before devolving in to a series of plot twists that general get punctuated with a confused face.

Tip of the hat to Francis Capra, who played Weevil alongside Kristen Bell's Veronica Mars, for getting on the show. It's hard to tell how much we'll see of him, being mostly a reflection and what not, but if we just got Fennel on the show we could practically call it a reunion (albeit in a wacked out alternate universe kind of way, of course).

As usual, Hiro steals the show for me - although evil future Peter is pretty interesting as well. I'm still not in love with Sylar's return or anything about that subplot, but can see how he might be a necessary character to offset Peter down the road.

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