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Friday, September 05, 2008

Another Sign Twitter Might Be Off

Just this week two people, whom I'm not sure who they might actually be, signed up for my twitter feed.

That might not sound odd unless you go see my twitter feed. And that's the way it's been since day one. And probably the way it will remain. I've given twitter a bit of a hard rap, although I can finally get the appeal a little more as I browse Facebook status updates - essentially the same thing with, as it seems to me, less noise. I guess I live a life on the Internet where that can be a wildly lovely thing.

(Brin, Corv - sorry to have lead you to the dark cobwebs of twitter at somepoint...)

In pretty unrelated news, my old place of employ got their redesign out the door. This was a complicated affair and as I put it to my boss this morning, I'm happy to be simply whelmed.


Chase Driven said...

Yeah, your two new followers are twitter spammers. If they start mentioning bass fishing, you're in real trouble.

Anonymous said...

I stare forlornly at my Twitter feed wondering, "What ever happened to Josh? Why, oh why, won't he drop his pearls of wisdom on us poor folk that are addicted to the tweet?"


Josh said...

You know, I always found the singular "updating twitter" update to be hilarious.

I've come to find I'm alone there :)