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Friday, September 05, 2008

360 Temptation

Friend Seth came and left in a rolling cloud of beer and console gaming. He packed his 360 along with him and so I was treated to a bit of Mass Effect and Gears of War (along with a touch of Assassin's Creed).

In actuality, if there's one title which really tempts me to getting a 360, it would probably be Fable 2. The Girl and I with two player offline RPG coop? Gah. I was really under the impression Mercenaries 2 had a similar setup, but apparently not. Reviewers and people who write info summaries need to be clear - there is a huuuuuuugggggeeee distinction between online and offline coop.

Don't get me wrong, this is no PS3 lament. I love the shiny black box. It really is a superb media machine, has a great stock of online games and plays our old PS2 games wonderfully. However, some of the 360 exclusives, both disc and online based, are pretty tempting in the long run - not to mention all those old Xbox games I never check out.

I said sometime ago that this might be the first generation of consoles where I owned all the current ones while that generation was still alive. Still, I'm not sure how willing I am to jump into the hardware revision jungle and roll the dice with the old red ring of death. I think Microsoft has gotten a incredible free pass on what has to be one of the great hardware blunders of gaming history. I wish they would come out with a revision in which they could clearly say - that was the problem, we fixed it, we're good. And while hints and accusations point to one purchase or another which might be safer - I don't see a clear statement from Redmond on that matter.


Thomas said...

I don't hear a lot about RRoD anymore, do you? And I'm not sure how statistically common it was anyway--lots of anecdotal evidence, for a while, but not a lot of solid numbers.

Mass Effect is pretty awesome so far. And I'm digging the Marketplace a lot. With the price drop, this is a pretty good time to look at buying one--wish I'd waited until the 60GB model dropped.

You got lucky with a PS3 that plays PS2 games, right? I thought they eliminated that in the new models?

Josh said...

One of few people I know in RL with a 360 had RROD and not a great experience with it all and all. But I guess that's pretty anecdotal...

I haven't read Takahashi's synopsis of the whole affair, but Microsoft has all but admitted that there was a problem and that it was technical in nature. His summation seems to be that the current motherboard still doesn't entirely fix it.

All that said, clearly there are plenty of people capable of enjoying it :) I mean part of this is my own dislike to return pretty much anything for any reason - so knowing there's a roll of the dice isn't real pleasing.

We ebayed the PS3 specifically to get one with PS2 BC. And we're pretty much constantly using it. I'm sure that will drop off in a year so, but we're darn glad to have it.

Thomas said...

It seems insane to me that they'd gotten rid of the backwards compatibility. I know everyone's got a PS2, but that doesn't mean I want to find the controllers for it and make sure I've got the right memory card when I want to play something on it.

Of course, you can say the same thing about the 360 backwards compat. Some of it works great (KOTOR, Jet Grind Radio), but I've got copies of Metal Gear Solid 2 and Riddick on a shelf that I bought hoping that they'd work, only to find out that they're not on the list.

Josh said...

Or like I want to have two consoles stacked on each other. One of the reasons we got the PS3 was to combine DVD, Blu-Ray, PS2 and PS3 games into one device.

Plus, the upconverting is nice for the new TV.

And maybe if Sony had a better PS3 library, I could cut them some slack - but where are we going to get our Katamari fix without some PS2 love?

Thomas said...


50% factory fail rate in 2006? 85% now? That's some shameful shit.