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Monday, July 28, 2008

Webisode Watch: Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog

Apparently Joss Whedon got bored during the Writer's Strike and this project came forth. I'm willing to say it's the best thing to come from the WGA ordeal because it is completely excellent. Starring Neil Patrick Harris as a the budding titular supervillain and the always great Nathan Fillion as his nemesis, the show is formatted in part as a video blog and in part as a musical.

Highly, highly recommended - just get it now.


sterno said...

Indeed. We watched this over the weekend, and I'm deeply impressed. I was expecting it to be totally fluff comedy from the look of it, but it's actually got some depth to it. Highly recommended and here's hoping they can do something more with it than just a couple webisodes.

For the record, I LOATHE musicals, so that I'm giving it a rave review speaks volumes.

Winkyboy said...

Mffft. "Cannot find iTunes on this computer"

I guess that means I won't be watching this. I categorically refuse to put that software on my system again.

It's too bad, because the preview looks pretty danged good.

Josh said...

This is the only non-iTunes route I know of:

sterno said...

Winkyboy, it was originally free on the website, but that was only temporarily. They are releasing it on DVD however.