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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Official Scrabble For Facebook does, in fact, suck

So over lunch I decided to give the Hasbro branded Scrabble the benefit of the doubt and loaded it up into Facebook.

Say what you might about the copyright wranglings of the clone Scrabulous - it had one distinct version over this now officially sanctioned one from EA:

It worked.

Loading the flash app was a long wait in the first place, and it took a reload before it seemed to acknowledge my IP address at all. Finally it did and I was pretty much just staring at a blank splash screen with little notion as to how to actually being a game. So I finally clicked the small text link above the huge flash animation to invite a friend and was greeted with this:

Wow. Every word really is a winner.


sterno said...

Not to EA: injunction should come AFTER the beta. Dumbasses...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm really irritated by the whole situation.

Josh said...

It's made doubly painful by the lack of similar games on FB.

Troy Goodfellow said...

Corvus is just mad that he's losing.

But it is a terrible app. Slow, always breaking down and way too busy for what is really a simple game.

Anonymous said...

Oh, snap!

I'm not losing by enough that should be getting cocky just yet, my friend!

But it's true. The only games I'm not losing right now are the ones where my opponents haven't been able to take their first turn yet... on account of ALL THE CRASHING.

sterno said...

Scrabulous was elegant in it's simplicity. If Hasbro or EA had been smart, they'd have bought it from the guys who developed it rather than suing them and called it their own.