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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Demo Play: Battlefield: Bad Company And Iron Man

Had a little free time this morning so I finally installed and tried out the two demos I had been sitting, Bad Company and Iron Man.

Battlefield: Bad Company
Bad Company has a pretty interesting dose of grim humor to add to the modern combat arena of shooters. Cast into the "Bad Company", the single player campaign tosses you headlong into a nearly hopeless scenario with little warning. You'll be stabbing yourself with medical hypos in no time flat.

The multiplayer takes a nice avenue from the normal CTF / spawn control style of play. The attackers are looking to take crates of gold from the defenders, which in turn increase the number of spawns the team gets. The defenders are trying to wear down the attackers to defeat. Server side stats are recorded with players gaining rank.

It's quick, gritty and looks amazing. The online play was crisp and easy over PSN. I would definitely at least recommend the demo when it goes fully public on June 5th.

Iron Man
Having just walked out of the movie itself not too long ago, I can say that they're certainly remaining faithful to the film. Downey's voice lends a great deal to the game and all the visuals fall in line with the feel of the movie.

My only complaint is the controls. It's an overcomplicated mess of movement and shooting with little concern for targeting in between. You feel a little less like man shaped tank when your repulsor shots shank to the right or when you accidentally jet yourself into a wall. My most effective attack seemed to be to just run up to a target and punch it a lot. Which worked awesome for the last Hulk game I played, but I was hoping for a little more sophistication from Stark's creation.

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