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Saturday, May 03, 2008

TV Watch: Lost, Something Nice Back Home

Firstly, I did watch this late last night post dinner party and I'm willing to admit that might not have been the best route to watch Kate and Jack make moon eyes at each other for half of an episode. When they weren't making moon eyes - it wasn't that bad of an episode. None of it was really bad, actually, this was mostly just classic Lost filler. We get a little bit of insight into how Sun might have escaped without Jin (although it's a bit of a mystery how the final battle for the freighter might go down).

But let's talk Jack. We got a little bit of the chronology that seems like it might fit in between Jack's visit with Hurley and Jack's visit with Kate (when the flashforwards started). The new problem the writers have visited on themselves though is - just how did Jack go from being happy father to be to an angry drunk. It seems to occur almost precisely when Jack gets a glimpse of Christian and if we tie that back to his appendix back on the island, I think we might be in for an awful lot of "The Island Did It" in the near future.

For instance, Claire has vanished. It's been a while since we've seen someone spirited away on the island. But she ended up being A-OK with the Others (and the means of her disappearance never explained).

Finally - rest in peace, Danielle. I really thought she'd limp out of the jungle from somewhere. Instead we find her in a very shallow grave. It seems a kinda unfit ending for one of the more interesting characters on the show - but to be honest she was becoming more and more of a background prop as the focus with Alex went from her back to Ben.


Iliketrees said...

Pretty lame episode eh.

One thing though, which i didn't think of till a couple of minutes ago: The smoke alarm going off when Christian Shepherd appeared. Conicidence?

PS, nice blog

Josh said...

Ah, nice. Quite possibly a nod of some kind to ole Smokey. One of those things easily missed at 1AM...