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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The GTA IV "Controversy"

The odd thing about the apparently inevitable controversy surrounding GTA IV is how there really just isn't any controversy about GTA IV. C|Net does a good job of running down the usual suspects of complainers - but for the most part the discussion is more akin to talking about corruption in politics. Some people probably have some evidence to the point, but for the most part it's just a bunch of people talking about how self-evident it is.

Course the difference there is that when political corruption hits the newspaper - there are usually some facts to back them up.

I wouldn't be surprised if GTA IV even marks something of a watershed moment for our favorite crank, Jack Thompson. GTA III was a landmark - but it came out almost seven years ago and there have been something like five titles in the same franchise and an army of clones that would make Lucas blush. And yet - there has been no apocalypse. No "Columbine times ten". The games industry still produces theses games. GTA IV is going to be a commercial blockbuster.

If all of these opponents were right, surely when a game this violent sells this well - something would happen.

In fact, it already would have. And would it be far more apparent than simply having Fox News give Thompson free media coverage when ever anyone goes on a shooting spree.

Oh, and our phrase of the day: moral panic.