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Friday, May 09, 2008

I don't think you've met my mom...

Mother's Day might seem like just another Hallmark style holiday to the untrained eye, but anyone who's worked retail knows that for some sectors it's essentially an abridged Thanksgiving. I can't back this up with any numbers, but I'm pretty certain it's Crate's third largest holiday (course there is a huge gap to number four, I believe ... sorry Father's Day).

Apparently this fact has obviously not escaped the attention of other sectors. While flowers and household goods might be obvious - it seems that some people want memory cards and DVD burners to be in the mix. Now look, and TigerDirect - I'm not saying that we should support any kind of gender bias here or anything, but I'm pretty sure even my *dad* would find a 22" LCD monitor a pretty damn lame gift on *his* holiday.

I get that we're a capitalist culture and all but c'mon ... wasn't killing Christmas enough?

1 comment:

Thomas said...

Actually, I was just telling Belle that Dotster has sent me an e-mail about their mother's day event. Because what Mom's always wanted on this special weekend is her own domain name.