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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The X4Pack For Unreal Tournament 2004

So I'd like to be working on This Town Is Dead, but I'm in a state of total writer's block. So like I've said before, I moved over to finish up some UT2004 mod code I had been playing with before, so I figured I'd give an overview.

The X4Pack (named because previously I've released xpack, xpackII and xxxpack ... seen to the right) will be a group of five gametypes. I haven't decided if I'm going to include any new mutators but I'm leaning towards not. My goal here is really to narrow my focus and actually get some things done.

A note on that though - I wouldn't expect an enormous sense of polish from any of this. I don't really see the point. If the core of it all doesn't excite, the brass tacks really won't.

The gametypes are as follows:

Grind Domination
This is a slightly cleaned up version of my previous mod, Grind, but I'll be shipping only the Double Domination gametype this time around. I really liked Grind but the last rendition was just all over the place.

This is essentially Riftwar without the class-based code, custom weapons and the whatnot. Just straight up Unreal Domination, but with three teams and using the classic scoring system (points based on a timer not on who can hold onto both points at once). Again, I really liked Riftwar but instead of going in the direction people kept on about (including Epic) - I've simplified, streamlined and brought it closer to the vanilla Unreal play.

Skullcap is deathmatch with a scoring twist - you score not based solely on frags but on the number of skulls a person currently holds. Fragging a person with a high number of skulls will obviously increase you score quickly but also make you a bit of a target. When you get fragged, your skulls reset back to one. To balance things out, you spawn with a full set of gear.

Space Assault
Players spawn in a slightly modified version of spacefighters. Teams compete to destroy objectives on the map and the map is over not based on a specific score but when all the objectives have been destroyed.

Unreal Derby
Deathmatch with everyone strapped into updated versions of the Scorpion.

I'd say something like "most of this is done", but I haven't done network/replication testing yet, so I won't jinx myself there. Also to note, Space Assault and Unreal Derby will ship with one map each, SA-MotherShip and UD-Urban. I greatly doubt I'll get around to adding any new ones myself.

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