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Friday, December 07, 2007

Really Ineffective Trash Talking

Really, this isn't going to cut it:


OK, let's start with the obvious. The guy's dead. You can't claim you owned someone when you're dead. That shouldn't even require explanation, it's like saying you can't stay dry while you're in the pool. You died. You own nothing.

Not to mention he killed me in pretty much the same way I killed him - shoving a flamethrower in my face. Now, I love me some pyro - but I'll also be the first to admit the class doesn't really require a lot of skill (some stealth, maybe) - because essentially you're just shoving a flamethrower in faces. We both did this to each other and then moments later some actual soldiers ran by and finished us off.

And - and I'll preface this by saying I think the point system in Team Fortress is a bit off, but it's what we have - I had a handful of points over this guy. Actually, I had a handful of points over all of his clan except for one guy who kept a point ahead of me. I think this is largely because half of them kept declaring things as being owned or pwned or nwbs or what not and probably dying while typing a great deal.

For instance, we slug it out on Gravel Pit until almost the last bell and when a victory finally arrives, someone announced "owned". Look, people, if we keep abusing our slang like this it will lose all its meaning. If you think a suifrag is "pwning nwbs" and a close win is owning the either team, pretty soon we'll have everything being owned. People will come out of Starbucks proclaiming they own their damn latte. Your teachers will own you, your co-workers, your grandmother.

It's not a pretty sight, so please trash talk responsibly.

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