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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Cuz Giving Is Child's Play

I'm currently multi-tasking like a mofo, browsing my ActionScript to see why my SOQL statements is returning null (even though I'm using id numbers previously retrieved), listening to plumbers bang on pipes above and below, fending off a dog who can't quite figure out what "working from home" actually entails and believes it should definitely not entail anything that I'm currently blogging about, catching up on emails and trying desperately to make holiday shopping an effort in procrastination. In the process, saw my bookmark to Child's Play staring at me.

If you do one thing this holiday season, go donate to Child's Play, set up by a couple of guys most gamers are familiar with (though if you were already familiar one, you probably knew that. It helps kids and reminds people that gamers aren't sociopathic shutins at the same time. What could be better?

You can buy stuff off of Amazon and have it shipped right off to a hospital. I have no earthly idea why there aren't any Chicago hospitals on the list, so here's what I'm shipping off to one in St. Louis:

Simba Doctor Dog Vet Kit - Simba Toys
Honestly, too freakin' cute not to get

Cars - PS2
A decent movie tie-in for a game, I hear.

Cars (Widescreen Edition) - Owen Wilson
So they get the movie too

Animal Crossing: Wild World
Because kids need to learn that sometimes life is about paying off your debts to some crazy raccoon.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings
Hey, it's on my list too

Brain Age
Consider it something to keep their brains from going to mush after playing all these games...

Mario Kart
I saw that they already had a couple and they clearly need another for decent wireless play

Classic Etch A Sketch Magic Screen
Well, it's freakin' etch a sketch. Every kid should have one

OK, I might have gone a little overboard, but I didn't give last year - so I'm playing a little catchup. They have a wide range of items, so even if you just want to find some $10 gift that gets Prime shipping - you're still doing a bit of good.

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