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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Devin Moore Files "GTA" Appeal

I've been getting clicks in from this Game Politics post all week, so I suppose I should comment.

Many of you probably remember Devin Moore. He's that kid from a broken home who shot three cops in Alabama. Or, if you believe a guy like Jack Thompson, he's a trained assassin.

The traffic is headed towards this 2005 post where I collected early reports of Devin Moore's trial and pointed out how it had nothing to do with video games until pretty late in the process. Most of the quotes are more like, I tried to warn everyone he was dangerous. And that's his dad.

Thing is - its hard to get worked up about it. The guy is on death row. The appeal is ridiculous and the courts have never, ever had a taste for BatJack's patented videogame defense (not that any court ever really have ... it's a media construct, not a legal one). Justice is done. I'll keep my ear to the ground on it, but I'm guessing Devin needs to get comfortable in the chair he's got.

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