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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

BioShock's Lost Plasmids

A perspective 2K Games forum member, using the PC version of the game, uncovered several .ini files that contain not only a downloadable content announcement but also unused plasmids that are in the game but aren't implemented. Potential spoilers are ahead, so beware.

The unused plasmids names include Machine Buster, Vending Expert, Sonic Boom and EVE Saver. Sonic Boom, for example, is listed as being able to "hurl creatures and objects back with a blast of force." An option called "LockedContent" is set to true on all four plasmids, so one can guess that these are planned DLC.

In addition, it appears a whole section of plasmids was cut from the game too. They're called Ecology Plasmids and include a plasmid called Drone Neutral Dampening Field Plasmid, which has drones take longer to sound their alarms.

As of writing, 2K hasn't announced any plans to release any DLC or a level editor for BioShock. Previous 2K games, such as The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, had a robust level editing community and thousands of mods and custom levels are readily available for the game. Hopefully BioShock fans can get their hands on an editor in the future too."
-- Is 2K Games planning BioShock DLC?

Still very much enjoying the game and really wish they'd release an SDK for it. The Unreal engine is insanely mod friendly and it always gives me a bit of the annoyance when I can't jump in and try and muck with stuff.

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