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Monday, August 27, 2007

TV Watch Review

We've actually managed to keep ontop of a number of shows during all our nuptials and such. Here's a bit of what we're making to sure to watch:

The guy who runs The Futon Critic called it a "Grisham novel for television". Damages is dark, gritty and gripping. I can't imagine how they'll sustain the show past the first season with what is already unraveling by the fifth episode - but I don't really care. It's good and lucky for you - FX is running a marathon on Labor Day if you want to catch up.

The 4400
The show has twisted its premise around an axis a little bit, but only in good ways. Now instead of focusing on lives severed from their past the focus is on how the future is bearing down on the premise. 4400 makes good use of some of its more original aspects - a superhero drug and the looming unknown of which actions will provide best for the world at large. The plot is just getting convulated enough, though, that new viewers will need a bit of a primer to jump in.

Burn Notice
I was a fan of The Invisible Man for its soft action wit and clever fun. Burn Notice reminds me of that show if it took itself a little more seriously and added a pretty compelling spy noir angle to the deck. If Damages is a Grisham novel for your tube ... Burn Notice is something of a beach read.

Doctor Who
Does it need saying? I suppose it does as I've found the good Doctor a harder sell on people who weren't fans of the classic episodes. Season Three has proven to be one of the best so far, though. A great test of strength of any franchise is how well it handles manipulating its main character. The last two Doctor Who's have been surprisingly, well, Doctor-less, and they've been some of the best the show ever delivered.

Has anyone seen Flash Gordon yet? Doesn't seem to interest us in the slightest.

1 comment:

Thomas said...

Flash is terrible.

Oddly enough, I never watched the old Doctor Who, but I've been watching the Tennant episodes and really enjoying it.