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Monday, August 27, 2007

Halo ActionClix Review

On BoardGameGeek Recent Additions (review):

*A little background…*

I went to Gencon with no interest in playing Halo Actionclix. While I am a
worlds level Mechwarrior player and like collectible games, I have never
played the Halo video game and have no attachment to the license. But after ...
Read Full Article, Halo ActionClix - Pwns.

If Doom The Boardgame isn't enough real life conversion for you - this sounds like a good alternative.


Mark said...

I have Doom the boardgame and have played it a few times. Didn't really care for it. I thought they missed the boat on what made doom exciting and could have done so much more with it. Sigh..

Josh said...

House rules help considerably for Doom: TBG. The core rules are definately not for everyone.

We've got a set here:

Plus, I really want to try the CTF mode with the expansion - if I can get people away from Munchkin and Catan long enough.