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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Terrorism And Gaming On Anderson Cooper

Ah yes, the fine level of journalism that is Fox News continues:

CNN's Anderson Cooper is talking about a Pew poll that finds 25 percent of young American Muslims think suicide bombings are justifiable in some circumstances. An alarming number, for sure, but that is a conversation for another part of the paper.

Why is this even in a video game column, you ask? Well, just listen to what came next.

As Cooper and a couple of experts on Muslim youth tried to make sense of the numbers, one of them started her explanation by saying, "Well, we live in a video-game culture . . . " Huh? Now gamers are the harbingers of possible homegrown terrorism?

I've heard the industry take the blame for a bucketload of tragic events, now it's responsible for the next jihad, too?
-- Bare Knuckles | Gamers and terrorists? Give us a break, guys!

Oh right - because that makes even a lick of sense. Because of Halo there are more religious fanatics in this world? What, suddenly young people are thinking that maybe joining an oppressive race of aliens isn't such a bad idea after all? The lack of reasoned thinking here is simply astounding - as is the fact that I'm sure the talking heads would simply nod and let such a comment slide just as BatJack was allowed to babble on about "cranial menus" on 60 Minutes.

Truly sad.

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