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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Manchurian Child Saves Woman, Gets Shot

Adam Mapleson was critically injured after heroically coming to the aid of a security officer loading a cash machine. The officer was attacked by two armed thugs and Adam rushed to her aid. He was shot at close range, taken to a local hospital and it is hoped that he will make a full recovery.

Naturally little fuss will be made that Adam was an avid gamer. Jack Thompson will not be called to comment on how his computer might have hardwired his brain for reflexes and good moral behavior. His parents will not be asked about how hours of gaming might have altered his judgement (for the better). The security officer will not be featured in an interview wondering if only he had not played so much Counter-Strike - she could be dead.

Of course this is probably how it should be - Adam's hobby as a gamer probably had little bearing on him being a brave and moral human being. No more than if the gunmen themselves had played GTA.

It is, however, a symbol of the double standard which is how the knee jerk, hysterical, fear machine of the media really works.

Thanks to Winkyboy for sending this along.

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