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Thursday, March 01, 2007

TV Watch: Lost 'Tricia Tanaka Is Dead'

In summation - if this weren't a Hurley episode it probably would have sucked. He's played and written well and so even when his flashbacks offer virtually little in terms of character advancement or plot background ... it's at least interesting. Fluff - but fun and tasty fluff at least.

Scenes sans Hurley were jarring at best. Kate couldn't explain Sawyer's actions with Karl any better than I could last week ... which doesn't help the perception that it was just aggravated plot twisting. What was with the "sunlight showed us Otherville" crap too? I remember Locke looking at the Jesus Stick, but I don't recall any grand Indiana Jones moment which revealed some secret path to another camp. Did I miss something or is this another point where the writing is just sloppily trying to connect some dots?

And still every time Nikki or Paolo (or worse ... both) get a line its like nails on the chalkboard. The characters don't fit, the actors don't meld well with the old cast and the whole scenario just makes you hope for a polar bear driveby. As I said in the discussion from Heroes - the Lost producers keep contending that they can't simply answer questions because they would run out of material. However, it's not out fault they are trying to spread two or three seasons into five or six. Nikki and Paolo are just painful and obvious examples of trying to pad out the series.

The next couple episodes could be a make or break period for the show.

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Weefz said...

Are Nikki and Paolo that pointless couple on the beach that look like they took a a wrong turning when looking for their soap opera? Where did they come from? Did I miss an episode?

Josh said...

Yes - and an excellent description. You didn't miss anything - they just randomly appeared on the show this season. Nikki went to the hatch with Locke and Sayid previously.

The producers say that the "right" entrance was cut. To that I'd say that with the amount commercial time Lost gets - I don't have a lot of sympathy. Plus, I don't think there was a "right" entrance for these two. They just don't fit and there's no Vulcan mind meld of writing to make them do so.

Weefz said...

Cut? *blinks* They found something more important than properly introducing their two new characters. I suppose it was a few more minutes of Kate moping over her non-relationships.

Great editorial decision there.