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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Fix Your 360 With Towels

Commenter Ritchie on San Jose Mercury Mike's 360 problems:

The best solution to the 3RL problem is a more drastic but effective one: Wrap your Xbox 360 with a few towels or a blanket, turn it on and leave it running for 10-60 minutes. It will heat up (this is the purpose) for a while, but not to the point of burning.

Afterwards, turn the machine off. Remove the blankets/towels, let it rest for like 10 minutes. Then turn it back on!
It WILL spring back to life.

I tried it myself, so did my friend and I witnessed another friend doing the blanket trick.

Post-3RL: You can play games for as long as 7 hours straight and 12 hours (separate sessions). If the problem comes back, get the blankets/towels again.
-- My Xbox 360: first sick, now healed? - A+E Interactive: Your Bay Area hangout for gaming, music, movies, culture -

You know? I take it back. Maybe the defective nature of the 360 is a bit of a scare factor for me getting one. When I think about the amount and diversity of people trying to deal with this problem - from towel voodoo to handing PSU's - I can't think of another console which has ever generated such creative problem solving.

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