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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

PS2 Likely To Outsell PS3, Wii, 360

I don't know how long I've been saying this, so its nice to hear some analysts back me:

"The PS2 will have legs well into 2008," says Michael Pachter, an analyst at Wedbush Morgan Securities in Los Angeles. And while Nintendo Co.'s Wii console is getting most of the industry buzz, and the Xbox 360 from Microsoft Corp. has racked up big sales in its year on the market, some say the PS2 might even beat out each of those offerings in 2007. "The PS2 probably has the capacity to sell more than any other gaming" console, says Simon Jeffrey, chief operating officer at game maker Sega of America.

Despite all the hype Wii gets from the media these days and notwithstanding Xbox 360’s strong momentum on the market, the PS2 is clearly the holder of all-times record: more than 103 million consoles sold by the end of March 2006. Sony’s target is to sell even more PS2s by end of March this year- around 11 million consoles, reaching an impressive overall of 114 million pieces worldwide. By comparison, the sluggish sales for PS3 (determined by the Blu-Ray integration and manufacturing issues) have determined Sony to downgrade their estimates for the same date this year to only 4 million pieces sold.

The same trend will apparently be visible in 2008 too. According to research by rating agency Standard & Poor's Sony will ship another bulk of 11 million PS2s, while PS3s will only manage to have around 7 million owners.
-- PS2 Likely to Outsell PS3 in 2007 and 2008 - Tech News - - Science & Technology

Course, they don't mention that the DS may continue to outsell them all. I'm not sure if that will lead to an unexpected boost to the Wii or not - but regardless the popularity of the PlayStation 2 isn't likely to slow down dramatically any time soon. This is really Sony's game to lose. If they collapse the development tent for it, refuse to service or whatever - it could steal the ace out of their sleeves. The PS2, however, is the yin to the PS3's yang. It's cheap, plays great on SDTV and has an enormous and successful library.

It might not play Blu-Ray ... but gosh darn it plays Duckman DVD's just fine.

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