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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Moral Kombat

Spencer Halpin has been working on Moral Kombat, a documentary on video game violence, for a long time. He's finished the film and has posted this trailer for it on YouTube. Spence, the brother of Entertainment Consumers Association founder Hal Halpin, interviewed me for this film a while back at the Dice Summit in Las Vegas with a green screen behind me. I talked about the loss of my brother to real-life violence and how I can reconcile that with playing violent games. He's made the film a visual wonder by splicing in game footage in the background behind the interviewees. What's cool is not just the discussion but the melding of visual images that relate to what the interviewees are saying.
-- A+E Interactive: Moral Kombat: Spencer Halpin's Documentary On Game Violence

The trailer makes it seem anti-game, but the buzz makes it sound a little more balanced. Honestly, this is the kind of film that I wish would draw a line in the sand and not put a guy like Jack Thompson in front of the camera. The man has drifted too far from reality to be considered an expert on this topic anymore. Hopefully more rational voices get in there as well.

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