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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Strange Bedmates

I know it's a bit of old news, but I'm still a little stunned that Palm is making a Windows based PDA. I had a fansite for the Pilot when it was first release, I've owned more than an average amount of Palm related gear over the years and I've always thought that fundamentally it was a great OS for handhelds.

So while I'm just shaking my head, ZDNet explains it better than I could.


Thomas said...

Palm WAS a great OS for handhelds. But their inability to finally release their next-generation OS version (which would have had better multithreading, real file system support, and more standardized hardware drivers) kinda crippled them.

I know nobody wants to champion Microsoft, but honestly after I switched to PocketPC the difference was night and day. Just being able to just drag and drop files like it was an external hard drive made my life much easier.

Josh said...

All facts I begrudgingly accept. Plus, I agree with the fact that Palm was slowly making less and less compelling hardware. Truth is, the Zaurus was one of the best handhelds I've ever used largely because of it's hardware design and Linux implementation.

Truth still burns though :)