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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

RebelStar First Impressions

Poor Rebelstar Tactical Command came into the house around the same time as Guild Wars, otherwise I would have already spent more time with it.

First glances are highly favorable. It feels like a mildly stripped down version of the X-Com experience with more JRPG style graphics. Not a bad mashup at all. I'm only going through the tutorials still, but X-Com fans will find a lot of familiar friends in aimed versus snap shots, overwatch events and strict visibility rules. I'm only guessing that the base management has been stripped since I haven't gotten any expectation above a Final Fantasy Tactics style of a mission based campaign. This might hinder the replayability a bit compared to X-Com, which was a delight to replay trying different strategies in the overall war campaign.

Humorously, I forgot I had pre-ordered it from Amazon, so I'll soon have an extra copy laying around. Will probably either auction it off or give it away here on the blog.

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