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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Primo on CA Bill

Primotechnology is running an editorial on the California legislation:

It's because no one wants to be counted as the one who voted against a bill, unfounded as it maybe, that might save the life of a child. As it stands, the bill itself only affects Californians under the age of 18; minors will no longer be able to purchase videogames by themselves. While this will undoubtedly enrage many teenagers, elected officals don't seem too concerned. The answer why is all too obvious. No one under the age of 18 can actually vote against them. They have nothing to lose with this demographic.
-- Dissecting California’s Violent Game Bill

Echoes of Demuzio, that's for sure. Blagoyevich here in Illinois has lost my vote over this kind of behavior, but the next step it write him a letter to let him know about that. And others have to write similar letters to their respective Congressman and let them know that this kind of legislation has no place in honest politics.

The only reason this has any traction is because these people think it's a feel-good topic that they can't get burned with. We have to remind them that a number of gamers are in fact over the age of 18 and will vote their mind.

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