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Monday, September 19, 2005

GP2X With SDK Via Pound Based Economy

GP2X, the Linux powered gaming handheld, is available to order for those of you who pay for goods using those standard British notes. Of particular interest with this console is that it comes with it's own SDK:

The GP2X is totally open to development from anyone, commercial or amateur. Yes really. We're heading back to the classic Amiga days of development.

With a free GCC/Linux/Windows based compiler and SDK you really can begin to make software and games for nothing, not only that - we will offer source code and guides to getting started.

If only I had faith this would capture a sizeable demographic. Finally, someone sees some value in making a truly open platform console and gets it into boxes ... but of course it's in the highly contested handheld market where it will probably get buried in the hype of a PSP accessory or an even smaller version of the GameBoy Advance.

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