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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

GameSpy On Location With DOOM

According to GameSpy, DOOM might not suck as a movie after all:

One thing remained clear through various interviews and roundtables we've attended this year, however: everyone associated with the film, from the team at id Software to all the actors and production staff, are keenly aware of the bad rep videogame-inspired films have gotten, and are all eager to buck the trend. While we haven't seen the final product and don't know ultimately how it will turn out, one thing became clear: DOOM is not going to be your average videogame flick.

I was with my brother in Decatur this last weekend and we both agreed - we're not buying it. We both honed in on the images from the trailer where they simply took the first person shooter to the cinema a bit too far, imposing a gun onto some shakycam footage of someone emptying ammo into random CGI creatures. It looked just like a video game, only grainy and dull.


Corvus said...

Well of course they're going to try and not suck. I don't think anyone gets a movie funded with sucking as their intended goal.

Doesn't mean it's going to work out for them though.

Thomas said...

Exactly. Haven't we heard this everytime a video game movie comes out? Hell, I think I heard this for Underworld.

Still makes me shudder.

Josh said...

Truth is, there's something about this that just kinda feels low-budget and off-key. I'd like to be excited about all the design work they've based on id's, but c'mon ... that's the least one can do.

The odd about face concerning Mars, etc., feels more like PR work to appease annoyed fans than an actual effort to do something with Doom's (albeit shallow) source material.