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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

WoW, what an exodus?

Kotaku reports that a wave of cancellations is sweeping across the World of Warcraft? Why? Because they don't like the new honor system. Why am I not surprised?

I would also argue that there are things about an MMO that I'm going soft on. For instance, when Sony decided that PlanetSide was working the way "intended", they changed the core gameplay. And then they changed it again. And then again. Now that means that when someone reads a review of the game and decides to buy it - they could be buying something completely different. Sony could decide PlanetSide is just a rally race, and the gamers would just have to suck it down.

Because it sounds so familiar. It's one of the fundamental flaws of the MMO design. I'm paying monthly for a game that might be the same next month? Sure, that make sense if every change completely kicks ass, but that's mathematically impossible. So why should I keep paying for a company a) continue finishing their game and b) take the chance that the game I enjoy today will be gone tomorrow?

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