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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Is Nintendo Going Insane?

OK, then - let's tally up all the rumors:

  • Revolution's controllers are touch screen, perhaps without any normal buttons...

  • The Controllers also may be gryoscopic in nature.

  • There may be no connectivity for the DS, only the next gen GameBoy.

    And now...

  • The Revolution will use a 3D projection display

    OK, that is simply a buttload of huh. We're rapidly moving into tinfoil camp here, people. It used to be that console manufacturers would just inflate some numbers and make us believe that the next generation machine would be that supercomputer we always wanted in our living room. We would believe them, and then buy them and generally be content with something that could play Conker's instead of singing Daisy, Daisy. But now Nintendo is threatening to bring together the Virtual Boy, a universal remote and the Coleco GryoBot into some kind of evil trinity. I'm falling into the "they're just spreading rumors to keep their name in the press" camp at the moment. I don't see how a having a gamepad that rotates while you try to press a stylus together can really help me navigate a hologram, but we'll see.

  • 1 comment:

    The Virtual Gamer aka: Hevvy Metahl said...

    Nintendo makes the best game consoles and always has. It'd judt like when Sony made Beta Video Tape. It was a better system but didn't have the distribution of VHS and now we all have inferior taping systems.

    VB was great but didn't get enough positive press so then we were stuck with 2d for the next ten years. Lets hop this gets the support it need so we wil all have a better product!