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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Defeated by Gravity

I have this cat, Caddy. Caddy is many things but brilliant is not one of them. For instance, she's developed a severe fascination with adhesive. This is even after she gets her fur/paws/nose stuck on the sticky thing and runs around in a panic. Generally once the offending sticker is removed, she begins pawing it again.

Her other neat trick is to be defeated by gravity. She easily gets wrapped up in cleaning herself, or being petted, or acting cute and forgets that gravity exists. It simply sneaks up on her and pulls her down. She generally lands safely and then looks really confused.

Friday night, I got defeated by gravity. I was so distracted by taking my PC apart bit by bit (case and fans included ... it was a lot of fun) that apparently I forgot the golden rule of hardware futzing - the CPU is very fragile. Very fragile. Apparently when I set it back into place and locked it with the lever - it bent one of the pins. I was so busy looking cute, that reality snuck up behind me.


Well, the good news is that I'm likely to pick up a Mac Mini. Odd that Apple has made a computer cheap and convenient enough that I'm actually contemplating using it as a replacement part. Also, I have a perfectly good video card, sound card, etc. The CPU might be one of the more expensive parts I had, but at least I still have 7/10s of a decent gaming PC. So the other half of the plan is to get a new case which is designed to be silent so that I'm not tempted to keeping cracking the case, installing custom fans and heatsinks.

Well, least it's silent now.


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