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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Check the Date

Because when I read something like this about E3:

The show's biggest surprise, though, will likely be the revelation of "Prey". Gamers first heard of "Prey" in 1997. The game, originally about a Native American who fights several nefarious alien races, was thought to be cancelled, but quietly restarted a few years ago. The new version will use the "Doom 3" graphics engine and is said to be a visually striking title. There's no word on whether the story has changed.

3D Realms, makers of the popular "Duke Nukem" series, originally worked on "Prey," but word is they have handed development to a third party and are overseeing work on the game.

from here, and have Shack tell me that the rumored party is Human Head (of the heavily underrated game Rune) ... I gotta wonder if it isn't still the first.

For those really scratching your head, here is a brief history of the game. Short version - it was supposed to be extinct many moons ago.

1 comment:

Josh said...

In retrospect, I guess I had heard the Human Head rumor before. Didn't believe then either I guess.