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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Zalman Rocks

Some time ago, I splurged part of my MSUC winnings on a new puter, complete with a top of the line motherboard with a shiny 64FX chip. First time I'd ever gone top of the line in a computer. I had a shop slap together about half the computer, then ship it to me so that I could salvage the parts of my old computer and shove it in there.

I don't know what these guys used as base set, but the fan that comes with it can be as noisy as they come. We're talking jet engine here. It's bad enough that I sometimes crack open the case or blow a fan in there.

So a while back I sought to remedy this by getting a Zalman Quiet CPU fan. This is one of those computer items that when you get it, you consider using it as a paperweight just to scare the neighbors. By that I mean - it's big and impressive. Sadly, I took a quick stab at installing it, failed ... and then apparently lost the brackets and mount in the process. Doh!

Last night I emailed Zalman to see if I could order just the mounting set. I got a response back in about an hour. Read that - in about an hour. Remember Matrix Online support? The guys who are supposed to have your back when you character deletes itself at 4 in the morning? They took days. In an hour I had this response:

Please provide us with your shipping address and we will have a replacement set mailed out to you.

And bam, just like that it's on it's way. That's good service folks.

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