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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Weekend Plans

This will be an odd weekend. Plan on trying to get a lot done, because the GF will be out of town, but then I've got this old friend coming into town - so obviously some outing will be planned.

I probably will be cracking open the Torque 2D SDK this weekend as well. This will mark a pointed departure from years of playing with 3D engines ... but I'm fairly jazzed. 2D art I can grok, whereas 3D is such a treadmill of detail that it's a bit insane. Look at an old 2D game from say, the Amiga ... good art still looks good. Now go try and play an old game of Doom. 3D doesn't stand the test of time nearly as well.

Still, my art skills are ... well, impaired, let's say ... so I doubt I'll be standing the test of time myself.

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