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Monday, February 28, 2005

Not the best punchline

Matrix Online (which apparently goes by the acronym MxO ... which I don't think requires any commentary) support just emailed me. This is like, day three. They had a new CDKey, but offered no explanation. This one did work though, and allowed me start the seven page registration process...

...which towards the end asks you to enter your credit card information. Uh, what? It says they won't start billing it ... but excuse me? The only reason I can think of MxO needing my payment information now is if they assume they'll want to switch it on once MxO goes live. Now, these guys aren't quite able to get a CDKey distribution right before there are even CD's to worry about ... I'm not really trusting them with my bill-me-monthly key just yet.

I compare this to the Guild Wars beta weekends and think someone at MxO needs to re-examine just how much they want in this business. I played a couple of the Guild Wars weekends, never jumped through hoops, never had a problem with the registration keys and certainly never had give someone those most powerful of digits. And remember - I'm doing them as much of a favor by beta testing as they are by letting me. Trying to make an MMO without beta testing it fervently first would be a bit like making your toast with a fork. That is, you're likely to be in for a shock.

But not as comically bad as I'd like. Just kinda sad.

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